Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Find Out Which Collation 2005 up

Server Level

o        You set the collation of the server at the time of setup.
o        The only way to change that is to re-install SQL Server with the right collation.
o        To find out the existing collation of your server, you can use:


SELECT * from ::fn_helpcollations()

-         Database Level

o        This is specified at the time of database creation using the COLLATE clause
o        You can easily change the database level collation by using the ALTER DATABASE statement
o        You can find out the database collation as follows:

SELECT CONVERT (varchar, DATABASEPROPERTYEX('database_name','collation'))

-         Column Level

o        You can specify this at column creation using the COLLATE clause of the CREATE TABLE statement.
o        It can easily be altered by using the ALTER TABLE statement
o        To find out the column collation, you can use sp_help on the table to find out the collation of each column.

Collation could also be specified at the Expression that you are trying to evaluate.

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